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Meet our team - Mufaddal Hussain

Have you ever looked at a Flux Energy Drawing Package and wondered who did all the beautiful CAD work? Meet Mufaddal (“Muffi”) Hussain our Associate Engineer!

Muffi is Flux Energy System’s first full time employee. He started in January 2017 leveraging his experience at Solar City to design a large portfolio of residential solar projects. A few promotions later, he is now an Associate Engineer leading the designs of Solar, Storage and Electric Vehicle Charging Station projects. When Muffi is not immersed in the NEC Code or AutoCAD he also is our resident tech expert. He researches software and technology to make sure that our team stays up to date with the latest timesaving and quality-improving technology.

When asked about her favorite times working with Muffi, Alison replied “I love sitting down to plan new project designs. Muffi and I discuss the scope of the project, who our target audience is and figure out the best way to convey relevant information. We make sure each design is customized to the specific project, so permitting, procurement and installation go as smoothly as possible. We continuously review the projects, and our debates can get quite animated.”

Get to know Muffi:

What’s your favorite part about working for Flux?

My favorite part about working for Flux is that I have the freedom to take the lead on engineering projects that come through our ever-growing engineering pipeline. At Flux I am given the freedom of working autonomously and this has helped me hone my skills through multiple QA/QCs until we meet our quality standards of the company. There is also a feeling pride knowing that my designs are eventually being constructed on site. I also really like working on design optimization through creating templates to boost our productivity and quality.

What you do when you are not working?

Usually on the weekends my friends and I go on hikes, try new food places around LA, and sometimes go visit a national park. When I am not with them, I like to learn about investing, read business books, and experiment with my Arduino. I also like to watch documentaries on emerging tech and biographies.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to make an impact in society by becoming a leader in cleantech. My path will involve immersing myself in learning and understanding the technologies like batteries through engineering and how they can be tied to finance to make investments in clean energy an attractive decision for utilities and large corporations. This is a fascinating industry to be part of and it is ever so fluid with the rise of new tech and lowering cost.


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