solar energy panels

Flux Energy Systems designs and engineers solar, battery and electric vehicle charging projects.

Our expertise in implementation allows us to tackle exciting projects with the newest technologies and aggressive schedules.

By collaborating with our clients, we provide the leadership and organization that drive projects to their schedule, budget and quality targets.



When our customers need us, we are ready. We quickly adjust to changing goals, and we never have red-tape.



We can translate complex technical concepts to boardroom slides or installation-ready drawings. We communicate frequently yet succinctly.


Customer Service

Our success comes with our customer’s success, and we always remember that. We always pick up the phone, and we move quickly to keep your projects on track.


Positive Attitude

Integrating 21st-century technology into an old electric grid is hard work, but we love the challenge. We keep things positive and collaboratively solve problems.


  • Project Developers hire us to win bids and manage projects.

  • EPC Contractors subcontract engineering, interconnection, and permitting work to us.

  • Equipment vendors rely on our industry, project engineering, and development expertise.

  • Property Owners count on us to represent their interests through the entire project life cycle.

  • Project financiers rely on us for cost-effective and high-quality project execution.


  • Certified WBE by the Supplier Clearinghouse

  • Certified WBE by the City of Los Angeles

  • Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the State of California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada

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“AMS uses Flux Energy to handle the variability in our workflow.  Flux Energy is responsive, flexible, provides high-quality Project Management & Engineering services on short notice, and is well placed in areas where we do business.”

—  Yanni Kapranos, Director- Regional Development, Advanced Microgrid Solutions



Jesus holds an A.S. in CAD and Design, an A.S. in Drafting and Design Arch/Civil and an A.S. in Civil Technology.  Over the past 15 years, Jesus has drafting Structural, Architectural and Plumbing plans.  He has also been a tutor, lab assistant and teacher assistant for Santa Ana College teaching CAD Drafting and math.   In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with his family, doing jigsaw puzzles and photographing celestial events. 


Martha holds an A.S. in AutoCad Drawing and Design.  She has over 17 years of AutoCAD experience working predominately in mechanical engineering and Solar Design.  When not working, Martha lives a sustainable lifestyle: gardening, growing her own food, eating a vegan diet and learning about off-grid living.  She loves hiking and camping, and she is continuously working to lower her footprint in the world. 


Alison Brown has over 13 years of experience in renewable energy. She has worked with solar, battery, electric vehicle, fuel cell and smart grid technologies on projects ranging from remote, off-grid mountain cabins to industrial microgrids. In 2016, Alison founded Flux Energy Systems to simplify the design and installation of alternative energy projects.  When not working, Alison enjoys all that LA has to offer: her family, trail runs, the beach and exploring the fantastic food scene. 

Alison holds a B.A. in Physics from Middlebury College and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She was a recipient of the 2009 Transatlantic Renewable Energy Fellowship. She was an active member of the LA Chapter of WRISE, and was the director in 2020.

Project Manager

Amalia Lopez has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After working in the energy industry for large Oil & Gas Corporations in both upstream and downstream operations, she is excited to officially join the clean energy technology movement. She has a strong passion for energy efficiency and sustainability, which she attributes to growing up in the Dominican Republic. Having experienced first-hand how climate change is disproportionately affecting underserved communities, she is eager to learn more about clean energy initiatives and improve access to energy equity.

On her personal time, Amalia enjoys trail running, backpacking, climbing, biking, playing beach volleyball, baking, and volunteering at various non-profits in the LA area. 

Electrical Engineer

Andrew Federico has a Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Colorado, at Boulder. He has spent the first few years of his career in the power industry working with many clients from small ski mountains to large oil and gas corporations. He hasexperience working with multiple types of power engineering software for distribution system and power plant modelling. He has also designed relay wiring layouts, performed numerous arc flash studies, and completed coordination studies for power plants and distribution systems.  Andrew has always had a great interest in  renewable energy. In fact, he also completed an Energy Engineering Minor at Boulder that focused primarily on the renewable energy systems.  His goal is to be an engineering leader in the exciting and transforming renewable energy industry.

Design Engineer

Ahana holds a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from UCLA and an MS in Civil Engineering with a focus on Energy, Civil Infrastructure, & Climate from UC Berkeley. She has long been passionate about sustainable development in conjunction with technology equity and has always sought out to do work that has a significant impact in the energy and water sectors. Upon graduating with her bachelor's degree, she acquired 5.5 years of land development experience through different civil engineering firms by working on grading and drainage design, wet utilities, and stormwater management for a variety of projects. As a design engineer, she is eager to apply her site civil experience to an electrical setting doing transformative work in the renewable energy sector. Her goal is to eventually find concrete ways to harness the interdependency of energy and water systems and optimize them to operate sustainably for a variety of applications.

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