Once you decide to invest in clean energy, you will be faced with hundreds of choices: types of technologies, installation strategies, selecting contractors and engineers.  Additionally, it can be difficult for property owners, financiers and equity investors to keep track of the new rules and codes that are always changing as the energy industry evolves.

By hiring Flux Energy Systems to represent your interests, you can make the right decisions after we translate complex technical concepts and industry jargon into terms you and your team understand.  Additionally, we review all aspects of the project to ensure you’re getting the highest quality and most expedient engineering, permitting, utility coordination and construction.  If you have multiple sites, we will help you leverage economies of scale by streamlining design, procurement, construction, interconnection, and permitting.

Our persistence, attention to detail, and process driven development result in a high-quality energy project that meets your budget, schedule and quality goals.


The Flux Owner's Representation Services include:


  • Project Management

We make sure that all schedule, cost, and quality goals are achieved. We are relentless as we drive projects forward to meet your aggressive targets.

  • Independent Engineering Review

Your project manager will work with one of our engineers to review all project drawings to seek potential cost savings and quality improvements. 

  • Communication

Through our consolidated and succinct reporting tools and dashboards, we will keep you informed while limiting the time you need to dedicate to the project.

  • Permitting Coordination

We work with the project engineers to ensure smooth approval and minimize resubmittals.

  • Financial models

We develop realistic financial models that account for implementation risks and real project costs.

  • Interconnection applications and Utility Management

We submit Interconnection Applications, research processes and translate the utility requirements into budgets and schedules you can quantify.  

  • Construction Management

We oversee the construction management with regular site visits and audits. We also manage the contractor bid, selection, and contract negotiation process to protect your interests and reduce overall risk. We work to minimize change orders and disputes.

  • Project Documentation and Turnover Packages

“The project is not done until its cleaned up and put away.” We tie up loose ends and compile all the documentation you need to finish the project.