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At Flux we provide a comprehensive project design and engineering solution. We work closely with developers and assist them from project initiation and feasibility stages all the way to construction. We incorporate the requirements defined by landowners, permitting jurisdictions and utility companies to fully define the project and preemptively address your concerns. This results in sustainable and cost-effective solutions that limit expensive changes while keeping your project on schedule. For customers working on a portfolio of projects, we specialize in serving as their integrated design team and creating a systematic program to streamline the design process and make it more efficient.


  • Electrical Designs

We complete single lines, conduit and cable schedules to help you price your RFP submittals and drive your interconnection applications.


  • Engineered Site plans

 When kicking off a project, we incorporate lessons learned from all our previous projects, so your 10% designs are constructable and realistic.  Letting us complete early stage layouts, lets you develop your projects with confidence. 


  • Site Surveys

Before starting any project, we conduct thorough site visits to collect all relevant technical data, analyze potential project risks and saving opportunities, and understand the needs and requirements of the hosts.

  • Technical Support and Advisory Services

On every project, we will always volunteer best practices and solutions to help bring value to your portfolio.  On every project, we assign a primary point of contact with at least 1 MW of experience in the relevant technology, so you will always be getting knowledgeable answers to your questions.


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