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Diligent project management is an often overlooked but critical skill in order to make sure that a project is developed under budget and on time. Since project developers are generally overwhelmed with origination, financing, and business development activities, the Flux team can make sure that day-to-day implementation of your contracted project portfolio is taken care of. This implementation can involve time consuming pain points such as delay management, conflict resolution, documentation and communication, implementation risk management, etc. Hiring Flux to handle the PM role gives developers the ability to focus on increasing their business opportunities. With the help of our thorough due diligence process, we have consistently saved our clients time and money by catching and fixing errors.

  • Project Leadership

We lead and manage all the subcontractors to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page, and that everyone has the required information and guidance to complete their respective work.


  • Schedule and Budget Management

We ensure that the project is on track for financial success by minimizing scope changes, anticipating and managing risks, guiding procurement activities, and closely monitoring project costs.


  • Contract Review & Compliance

We review contracts to ensure we are following the right scope of work and avoiding project risks.   

  • Action Items Assignments and Tracking

We do not let anything slip through the cracks.  We use customized Project Management tools to make sure everyone is tackling the right problems in the right sequence.


  • Regular Site Visits

We visit the project sites during construction to ensure strong relationships, check project quality and verify schedules and contract compliance.

  • Documentation 

Over the course of a long project, it is incredibly important to record decisions and key milestones.   We keep a thorough project record helping everyone avoid disputes and confusion. 

  • Completion Management

We tie up loose ends and compile all the documentation you need to finish the project.

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