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Meet our Team - Alison Adams

Sales Manager, Al, and her family hiking in Oregon

You will start hearing from a new Alison at Flux Energy Systems -- Alison (Hyde) Adams -- but you can call her, "Al." Al was most recently at AlsoEnergy Inc. where she acted as an Account Executive, EMEA Sales Coordinator, and lastly the Director of Sales Operations. Al will be taking over the front of the house work; managing existing customer relationships, spreading the word about Flux's offerings to new customers and helping Alison Brown strategize on how to grow Flux Energy Systems into a household name.

When asked about what she likes most about her job Al says she likes being a "professional friend maker." "My job is to get to know people and what problems they have that I can help solve. If they need something that Flux can offer, we can build a beautiful working relationship. If not, friends don't waste each other's time. This industry is so interconnected, you'll see each other again, working at another organization or on another project. I enjoy getting to know people personally, understanding their business, and helping. I think I click so well with the engineering minds in this industry because we're all looking for problems to solve and evaluating the best method to approach them."

Get to know Al:

What drew you to take the position at Flux?

I have been a contributing member of a few sales teams in the renewable sector and love working for dynamic organizations where employee voices are heard. Flux is giving me the opportunity to build a sales program from the ground up and take a leadership role. I also realized that after 13 years in solar, I have had the honor to meet a lot of good people. This role allows me to stay in touch with my existing network and continue to get to know more movers and shakers. Plus, I've known and respected Alison Brown for over a decade. I know the level of integrity she brings to her work and the standards she expects of others. I couldn't think of a cooler job than supporting her and getting to talk up how brilliant my friend and the team she has built are.

What do you do when you are not working?

Mostly chase around and cleaning up after my two small boys: 4 and 1.5 years old. My goal, however, is to raise them to clean up after themselves. We live on a 5-acre plot outside of Bend, Oregon with a dog, two steers, and two horses so there's always something to do. When we aren't family adventuring, I try to make it to masters swimming a few times a week and get out on my bike.

What are your goals for the future?

At the end of my career I want to stand at a podium and say, "Back in my day, PV cost $8/watt and we thought 10 kW was huge!" I'm in renewables for the long haul and I can't wait until PV is as ubiquitous as dishwashers and centralized generation is unanimously recognized as an antiquated model of energy production. I just realized my sons may never learn to drive stick: by the time they start driving, electric cars will be the standard. I want to know I helped make that happen. Other than that I'm always striving for more sleep!


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