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Meet our Team - Andrew Federico

Andrew and his Father fishing in Utah

Meet Andrew Federico, our newest addition to the Flux Energy Systems Engineering Team. Andrew started his power engineering career in 2017 as an engineering consultant for Exponential Engineering Company in Colorado. He worked directly with utilities and clients to model and analyze distribution and power systems for rural areas, ski mountains and power plants. He has also spent time in the field evaluating power systems and completing Arc Flash Studies. Andrew reflects on his time in Colorado by saying, “I am fortunate to have gained experience in the power industry through a wide array of clients and projects. Now, I’m very excited to focus specifically on the renewable industry.”

Ironically, Andrew moved to California to work remotely for his previous employer only to end up in the same co-working space that Flux is set up in. When asked about working with Andrew, Alison replied, “I am thrilled to have Andrew join our team! It has been fun getting to know him at Bizhaus, our co-working space, and I’m looking forward to collaborating on projects together. Andrew brings a complimentary perspective to our designs that will make our engineering that much stronger.”

Get to Know Andrew:

What drew you to take the position at Flux?

Sharing the same co-working space as Flux gave me a chance to see what the day in and day out operations are like here. It was clear that the team members are very driven individuals and aren’t shy about putting in the extra hours at work. I have always been very interested in the renewable industry so, when Alison notified me that she was looking for another electrical engineer, I jumped at the opportunity. It turned out to be a perfect situation of being at the right place at the right time for both parties.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am an avid outdoors man and love just about anything that takes me to remote places. My weekends are usually booked with surfing, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, fishing or diving plans. On weekends that are not spent adventuring, you can usually find me working on the boat that my girlfriend and I live on with our Puerto Rican dog, Luna. The boat is a 30-year-old sport-fishing cruiser cross that is essentially my second job. I enjoy performing the maintenance and mechanic work on the twin diesel engines; however, the best part is taking our friends out to Catalina for overnight trips.

What are your goals for the future?

The next step for me is pursuing my P.E. certification. I find that I am most efficient with a lot of tasks on my plate so why not learn a new industry and prepare for the P.E. at the same time? I am encouraged by the innovation and progression I have already been exposed to in the renewable energy industry. It is a refreshing change of pace for me and I am looking forward to making a positive impact with everyone here at Flux.


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