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The Fluxin' blog is back

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

It has been over two years since we last published a blog post. Like everyone, we shifted our focus when the world suddenly retreated inside, and, well, the blog was neglected. We are grateful to have come through the pandemic with our health intact while experiencing growth in our personal and professional lives. The Flux team is thriving, so we felt that it was time to revive our blog to keep you informed on changes at the company, projects we have completed, and things we have learned. In perhaps our biggest news, our team’s families are growing. There’s been not one but TWO marriage proposals, and a baby is on the way!

Our team is also growing. We have one new engineer starting this month, and we are on the search for a new design engineer. We are still working remotely, and the team has taken full advantage of this with temporary stints all over the world from Sacramento to Florida from Maine to Baja California and even in Germany. This has given us more flexibility to launch our adventures: a road trip through the southwest, strolling down Bourbon Street, swimming through the Adriatic, and even ultramarathoning across the desert. Time at home has also been fun with experimentation in astral photography and many Kathak dance recitals.

Between all of this, we have stayed very busy! Since our last blog post in 2020, we have worked on some incredible projects: 390 electric vehicle charging stations, a 3 MW solar project, Fresno County Solar Energy System, and over 1.2 GWh of energy storage projects that are now operating with many more in development. These include a 400 MWh battery energy storage system in CA, Saticoy Battery Storage Plant, and a 200 MWh energy storage system in Texas, Gambit Energy Storage System.

We have also consulted on preliminary designs including an inductive charging station for heavy duty vehicles and supported four municipalities as they plan to electrify their fleet. Our team has also supported and designed many preliminary battery energy storage projects to assist clients with the early-stage development.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support from our subconsultants and partners. CCE has been designing effective grading and drainage solutions for our utility scale projects. Cosco has helped us understand the best designs for fire detection of utility scale battery storage systems. And we have looked to our friends and mentors at EEC, Mesa, and CWC to help us tackle challenging substation design and transmission questions.

This summer, we will be entertaining you with a series of blog posts. Stay some educational content!

We are looking forward to hearing from you, too! Should you have any questions or need any electrical engineering support, please contact us at


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