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Welcome to Flux Energy's Summer 2020 Interns

In a world where nothing seems to be business-as-usual, Flux Energy is proud to continue a time-honored tradition -- the summer internship.

Flux is grateful to host two Design Interns this summer who are laying the foundations for great system designs through their detailed CAD work. By covering many of the basic drafting tasks such as creating draft site plans, first-pass equipment layouts, and integrating design revisions, our interns allow the engineering team to focus on high-level design thinking and value engineering. Their efforts help deliver high-quality energy storage, photovoltaic, and electric vehicle charging station system designs to our clients that are focused on construct-ability and long-term performance. In addition, interns are gaining valuable hands on experience in clean energy and learning about future career paths in the industry.

Already our interns, Daniel and Sam, have shown great flexibility and adaptability undergoing on-the-internship training and supporting our team remotely. Here's more about them:

Daniel Vazquez

Daniel is heading into his final year at San Diego State University where he is studying Electrical Engineering. "My interest in clean energy comes primarily from my mother. She comes from a very poor town in Mexico that I hope to one day bring as much of what I know to better their everyday life. . . So far, I have learned a lot from the Flux team; drafting tips, design comprehension, and acronyms to name a few." Dan is excited by the exposure he is getting to new engineering challenges and learning opportunities.

Samuel Thompson

Samuel is a Mechanical Engineering student at The University of California, Berkeley, focusing on renewable energy infrastructure and computer science. Sam's goal is to further clean energy to combat climate change. By working with Flux, Sam is gaining access to the knowledge network surrounding clean energy and experience working with modern industry standards for technology and engineering development. Currently, Sam is working on BESS projects to create reference files and diagrams to streamline the design production stages behind each project.


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