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Why Hire a Consulting Project Manager?

Many companies wait to assign project managers until a project is already delayed and trending out of budget. Assigning a Project Manager earlier helps a company avoid these expensive delays.  Even better, a consulting project manager will help a company achieve aggressive business targets without carrying the risks and overhead of a new full-time hire.

Earlier this year, Flux Energy Systems was contracted to manage the design for a portfolio of storage projects that were behind schedule. Over the following six weeks, we recovered the projects’ schedules and eventually finished the projects early, using just 29% of the allocated management budget!

How were we so successful? Initial credit goes to our customer for identifying their resource constraints and hiring us before the projects were too delayed. Once Flux was assigned to the project, we quickly established roles and responsibilities for the whole team.  Then we set aggressive but feasible deadlines and actively communicated status and expectations.  Perhaps most importantly, we have a lot of experience in alternative energy projects, so we can quickly pivot between deliverables and promptly resolve RFIs that would otherwise use up our client’s valuable, yet scarce, engineering bandwidth.

Many companies, especially growing companies riding the solar (and storage) coaster, do not have enough project managers to keep their projects on budget and schedule.   If this sounds familiar, you should consider hiring a consulting project manager!


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